Trump Takes 6-Point Lead Over Biden In New Poll, Largest Ever

( – In a recent survey, it’s revealed that former President Donald Trump maintains a six-point lead over President Biden.

Given that Trump’s been occupied with legal proceedings rather than actively campaigning for reelection, the recent poll indicating former President Donald Trump’s significant lead in the presidential race likely came as a pleasant surprise to his campaign team.

Trump secured 49 percent of support among registered voters, while Biden had 43 percent, according to the CNN survey conducted by SSRS. These figures remain similar to the other CNN surveys conducted in January and last fall.

However, both candidates received high shares of unfavorable views from voters in the latest polling. Fifty-eight percent of voters viewed Biden unfavorably, whereas 55 percent viewed Trump unfavorably.

Surprisingly, 17 percent of voters held negative opinions of both Biden and Trump.

The survey also brought bad news for the Biden campaign, as 55 percent of respondents saw Trump’s presidency as successful, while only 39 percent said the same for Biden’s..

Trump himself took to social media to comment on the poll results using his Truth Social media platform. He also took a jab at Kennedy in some earlier posts. He claimed that the independent candidate is way more liberal than most realize, pointing out Kennedy’s changing stance on vaccines.

Conducted from April 18-23, the CNN poll surveyed 1,212 respondents, including 967 registered voters, and has a margin of sampling error of 3.4 percentage points.

Other national polls also show a tight race between Biden and Trump. Trump is narrowly leading with 45.3 percent of support compared to Biden’s 44.7 percent.

Looking ahead to a potential rematch, it seems that public opinion regarding the initial term of each candidate, both seeking a second stint in the White House, is now favoring Trump. Most Americans believe that, in hindsight, Trump’s presidency was successful, while a significant majority considers Biden‘s term to be unsuccessful thus far.

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