Teachers Demand $50 Billion From Public School System

(PatriotNews.net) – The Chicago Teachers Union is currently in talks with the public school system, aiming to secure an additional $50 billion for various demands in their new contract. These demands include salary hikes and benefits like fully funded abortions for its members, services for migrants, and LGBT-related initiatives within schools. Despite this hefty sum, the union has faced criticism for its members’ academic performance, with only 21% of eighth graders in the city reading proficiently, according to the Nation’s Report Card.

The specifics of the union’s demands haven’t been made public, but a leaked document provides insight into the remarkable requests. Union President Stacy Davis Gates is pushing for a substantial annual wage increase of at least 9% for members until fiscal year 2028.

For perspective, the state of Illinois garnered $50.7 billion in total base tax receipts last year.

Additionally, Gates proposes that teachers and counselors receive a stipend of $1,000 per student per semester when their workload exceeds contractual limits, along with a retirement bonus of $2,500 for employees who have served for more than 30 years.

With the average salary of a Chicago teacher already at $93,182, the proposed increase would significantly elevate pay to $144,620 by the 2027-2028 school year. These demands come amidst a substantial increase in the CPS budget over the years, which has soared to over $9 billion, with a significant portion going toward teacher salaries.

Critics have voiced concerns over the union’s ambitious demands, questioning their alignment with educational goals. Mailee Smith, director of the Illinois Policy Institute, has labeled the demands as more aligned with a political agenda rather than a genuine effort to support teachers and students.

Despite the outcry, the union’s sway in city politics, particularly with Mayor Brandon Johnson, remains potent. Johnson, a former CTU organizer, has strong ties to the union, having received substantial campaign funding from them.

While negotiations continue in private, the leaked demands (source unknown) reflect a significant push for transformative changes within the Chicago school system, with a hefty price tag attached.

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