Fire Destroys Southern California’s Historic Pier

( – A huge fire broke out at an empty eatery located at the edge of an historic pier in Oceanside in North County San Diego on the afternoon of April 25th, as confirmed by the Oceanside Fire Department.

The pier, stretching nearly 2,000 feet, has been around since 1888 and stands as a landmark in the beachside city of Southern California, not far from Camp Pendleton.

The Oceanside Fire Department posted on social media that they are currently handling a fire on the Oceanside Pier and advised everyone to avoid the area.

Videos circulating of the fire revealed thick smoke rising over the pier, visible from as far as Vista, 10 miles east, and Del Mar, 20 miles south.

The flames also seemed to have reached Brine Box, a seafood shack situated at the end of the pier.

The restaurant updated its social media followers, informing them that the situation on the pier was distressing and scary. They wanted to assure everyone that their team was safe.

According to reports, the fire ignited beneath the pier, and all individuals evacuated safely. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available. The supportive messages received are greatly appreciated.

The U.S. Coast Guard took to the water to tackle the fire, while helicopter drops were carried out by the Diego County Sheriff’s Department and San Diego Gas & Electric, as reported by the station.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation about potential injuries or the cause of the fire.

On the night of April 25th, Oceanside fire officials stated that crews had made significant progress and successfully contained the fire to the end of the pier.

On April 26th, crews continued to hose down the pier, maintaining a steady smolder. This was different from the previous day when a thick plume of dark smoke rose over the North County coastal city around 3 p.m. Fire officials announced that two rescue boats and four fire fighting boats were once again deployed, dowsing water on hot spots early that morning.

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