GOP Works To Block Biden’s Plan To Relocate Palestinians To The U.S.

( – A group of Republican lawmakers, including Reps. Scott Perry (R-PA), Tom Tiffany (R-WI), and Andy Ogles (R-TN) along with many Senate Republicans, are taking steps to prevent President Joe Biden from relocating Palestinians to American communities.

In a letter addressed to House Appropriators, Tiffany, Perry and Ogles have urged the inclusion of a provision in the Fiscal Year 2025 spending bill that would prohibit the use of funds to issue visas or parole to individuals holding passports issued by the Palestinian Authority.

The House Republicans emphasized that the United States should not shoulder the responsibility of solving global issues alone. They suggested that countries in the region should play a more active role in providing assistance to those in need. Additionally, they argued that if the administration is truly committed to fostering peace with its allies in the region, it should require those allies to contribute their fair share.

Simultaneously with their letter, there are reports indicating that the Biden administration is mulling over the possibility of utilizing the refugee resettlement program administered by the federal government to transfer Palestinians to the United States. A similar proposal was put forth by Democrats in the House and Senate last November.

Unvetted Palestinian aliens pose an unacceptable national security threat, given that the majority of Palestinian Arabs continue to support Hamas’ violence and oppose the American way of life.

It’s not America’s duty, nor does it serve America’s interests, to let Joe Biden use this nation as a dumping ground for global problems. Palestinians ought to be resettled in neighboring countries, not in the U.S. Otherwise the problem only gets worse by shifting people around instead of addressing the underlying issues of that region.

Meanwhile, Senator Joni Ernst and 35 Senate Republicans have requested specific details from Biden regarding his plan to resettle Palestinian refugees, including the projected number of individuals the administration intends to admit.

In their letter to Biden, the Senators expressed concerns about the national security implications of admitting refugees from Gaza, citing the significant support for Hamas among the local population.

These Republican efforts reflect a broader opposition to Biden’s proposed resettlement plan, with lawmakers and former administration officials condemning the initiative as detrimental to U.S. interests and security.

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