Illegal Accused Of Killing Mom & Daughter

( – In a disturbing incident in Hillsborough County, Florida, a 31-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala, Angel Gabriel Cuz-Choc, faces accusations of an exceedingly brutal crime. He faces charges for the killing of a 36-year-old woman named Amalia Coc Choc de Pec and her daughter, Estrella Anastasia, who was four years old. The sheriff, Chad Chronister, described the scene in their mobile home as harrowing.

Following the gruesome discovery, a rapid manhunt ensued. The sheriff’s office established a perimeter spanning 2 to 3 miles around the mobile home. On May 2nd, a deputy observed a man resembling Cuz-Choc exiting an abandoned barn situated between Interstate 4 and Glen Harwell Road.

Upon noticing the deputy, Cuz-Choc fled, Chronister recounted. K-9 units, employing scent-tracking techniques, pursued him into dense foliage. Despite commands to surrender, Cuz-Choc persisted in evading capture, prompting deputies to release a police dog.

During the pursuit, Cuz-Choc managed to wriggle out of his jacket, which was grasped by the police dog. Deputies continued their pursuit and successfully apprehended him. Cuz-Choc claimed to have been bitten on the back of his head by the dog, although he exhibited no visible signs of injury.

The authorities swiftly took him into custody, where he confessed to the murders.

According to Chronister, Cuz-Choc was in a romantic relationship with Amalia, but he was not related to Estrella. The child’s biological father is believed to be in Guatemala. It’s reported that Cuz-Choc crossed the border illegally around seven months ago, likely entering with Amalia and Estrella before settling in Hillsborough County.

Chronister expressed profound dismay at the horrific crime and the subsequent attempt by the suspect to evade capture. Cuz-Choc now faces two counts of first-degree murder and is detained in Hillsborough County Jail.

The swift apprehension of Cuz-Choc followed a significant effort by law enforcement, involving intense searches and tracking operations. The tragic incident has shocked the local community and underscores the dangers posed by such heinous acts. As the investigation unfolds, authorities continue to seek justice for the victims and their grieving loved ones.

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