Dem Governor Claims Black Children Don’t Know the Term ‘Computer’

( – New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, found herself in hot water after she dropped a comment at a bigwig business interview in California. She claimed that black kids in the Bronx don’t even know what a computer is. Furthermore, nobody called her out on it, not even the event host, Mr. Jonathan Capehart from The Washington Post. He just let it slide like it was no big deal.

This is what some are calling the Democrat way. They act like they’re about equality, but deep down, they’re still stuck in the dark ages, thinking black youth can’t even operate a computer.

Some political leaders in New York, like state Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo, a Democrat from the Bronx, swiftly criticized the remark, calling the statement damaging, profoundly mistaken, and truly shocking.

Hochul later backpedaled, saying she messed up and regretted it. She tried to clean it up, saying she’s all about giving everyone a fair shot at good jobs, especially in the tech field. But the damage was done.

During the interview, the comment was not discussed further, and the governor continued to elaborate on her objective of creating pathways for communities of color to reach new artificial intelligence technologies, aiming to combat social inequality.

Hochul later stated that of course black children in the Bronx are familiar with computers. The issue lies in their frequent lack of access to the necessary technology for pursuing lucrative careers in emerging fields like AI. She pointed out that she’s prioritized enhancing economic opportunities since the beginning of her term, and she’ll persist in this endeavor to guarantee that all New Yorkers have the chance for well-paying employment.

Other Dem bigwigs like Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo jumped in, calling Hochul’s comment harmful and just plain wrong. Even Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie from the Bronx stated that even though she’s said some harsh things, Hochul really does mean well.

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