Sage Steele Considers Trump an Easy Pick Over Biden

( – Former ESPN personality Sage Steele recently shared her thoughts on the upcoming 2024 presidential election, emphasizing her preference for former President Donald Trump over current President Joe Biden.

Speaking in an interview with Fox News Digital, Steele expressed her concerns about the potential Biden-Trump rematch and criticized what she perceived as Democratic efforts to prevent Trump from running again.

Steele said she was worried for former President Trump. She has concerns over his safety given that he received so many previous threats from the media and celebrities even. She also referenced legal challenges and lawsuits faced by Trump, remarking that just when she thinks it won’t get worse, it does.

Steele stressed that when it comes to voting, she prioritizes policy over emotion. For her, it’s about what they stand for and what they can do for us. She doesn’t care about their personal lives anymore.

She listed several reasons for Biden‘s perceived unpopularity, including inflation, the border situation, and concerns about his mental acuity. She recanted the event regarding the Chinese balloons over American territory for a week and how that greatly affected her faith in the current administration

Reflecting on her past interactions with Biden, Steele described them as “heartbreaking,” citing concerns about his ability to lead effectively. During her very scripted 2021 interview with him on ESPN, she had concerns about his ability to think properly, wondering if there were larger health issues going on.

In contrast, Steele praised Trump’s engagement with fans at a recent UFC event, noting his approachability and positive interactions with attendees.

Looking ahead to the vice presidential selection, Steele predicted that Trump would choose a woman as his running mate. She expressed admiration for former Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, applauding her “measured and classy” demeanor and military service.

Steele also voiced support for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and criticized efforts to exclude him from the race, emphasizing the importance of hearing diverse perspectives.

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