Burnt Remains of Florida Woman Discovered Following Carjacking and Abduction

(PatriotNews.net) – Following a horrifying carjacking and abduction incident in Florida, authorities have discovered what they believe to be the burnt remains of Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas at a construction site.

The ordeal began when Guerrero was driving her Dodge Durango through an intersection on April 11, and a masked individual approached her vehicle wielding a 10mm handgun. A witness captured the terrifying scene on camera, showing Guerrero being forced to unlock her car doors at gunpoint before the suspect climbed into the back seat. Despite the witness calling 911, the authorities arrived too late.

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis M. Lemma addressed the seriousness of the situation at a press conference, expressing shock at the perpetrator’s boldness. He emphasized that this was not a random act of violence, suggesting that the perpetrators specifically targeted Guerrero.

Lemma mentioned that Guerrero De Aguasvivas and her spouse have ties to two businesses in South Florida, including a beauty salon and a barbershop.

Authorities mentioned that Guerrero De Aguasvivas’ husband has been cooperating with them by providing information. Lemma indicated that they are uncertain about the reason for her presence in Central Florida, but according to her husband, she was visiting family.

The investigation revealed that Guerrero, originally from the Dominican Republic, called her husband while being followed by the assailants in the Acura. Although her husband advised her not to stop, neither of them contacted 911.

Hours later, authorities responded to reports of gunshots and smoke at a construction site in Osceola County, where they discovered Guerrero’s burnt remains in a vehicle believed to be her Durango. Alongside the remains, investigators found 10mm shell casings, consistent with the firearm used in the carjacking.

Authorities are currently searching for the suspects, described as white or Hispanic men. Sheriff Lemma urged the public to avoid confronting the suspects and instead contact law enforcement if they have any information regarding the incident or the whereabouts of the suspects or the Acura.

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