Californians Turn to Arms for Self-Defense Amid Rising Illegal Immigrant Influx

( – Californians are stepping up their self-defense game as more and more illegal immigrants are being left to roam the streets in places like San Diego. The U.S. Border Patrol has been dropping off immigrants, and it’s got folks concerned. In fact, around 125,000 migrants have been let loose in the San Diego area since last September. With this uptick in activity, many locals are hitting up gun shops like Cory Gautereaux’s Firearms Unlimited California to arm themselves and their families.

Gautereaux, the owner of Firearms Unlimited California, has noticed a spike in business lately, thanks to the surge in migrants being released onto the streets. He’s seen firsthand how these “street drop-offs” have driven more customers his way.

One customer, Keith Carnevale, shared his thoughts stating that his wife and him both have guns for home protection. However, with everything that’s going on at the border, it has raised our concerns even more.

It’s worth noting that California has some pretty strict gun laws, like a ten-day waiting period for purchasing firearms. So, even if someone feels their safety is at risk and wants to buy a gun, they have to wait it out for ten business days before they can get their hands on it.

The situation down in San Diego is feeling pretty chaotic. A temporary migrant reception center recently shut down due to lack of funds, which means federal Border Patrol officers have been dropping off hundreds of migrants at places like trolley stations. This has stirred up some tension between federal, state, and local officials about how to handle the influx of newcomers and who’s going to foot the bill for it.

But hey, it’s not just a California problem. Across the southwest border, encounters with migrants have been off the charts. And it’s not just folks coming from Mexico; migrants from all over the world are showing up.

With no clear solution in sight, it seems like folks are left to figure things out on their own. And for Californians, that might mean stocking up on more than just sunscreen these days.

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