Google Dismisses 28 Employees for Anti-Israel Protest

( – Google let go of 28 employees after they protested against the company’s dealings with Israel. The employees occupied an executive’s office in California and demonstrated at the company’s New York building. They demanded that Google end its business ties with Israel.

Chris Rackow, Google’s VP of global security, stated in a memo that the employees’ actions were unacceptable, defacing property, and disrupting work.

The protesting employees were initially put on leave during an investigation, and some were later arrested for refusing to leave the premises for over eight hours.

In an email to employees, Rackow emphasized that such behavior contradicts company policies and will not be tolerated.

Pichai emphasized the importance of maintaining focus and professionalism at work. He reminded employees that the workplace is not a platform for personal agendas or contentious debates.

A group called “No Tech for Apartheid,” which helped organize the protests, labeled the terminations as illegal and claimed that workers who did not participate in the protest were also fired. They accused Google of prioritizing its contract with Israel over its workers.

Former Google employees Kate Sim and Zelda Montes, who announced their participation in the protest, were among those fired. Sim accused Google leadership of lying about the purpose of its contract with Israel and profiting from genocide.

The group vowed to continue organizing until Google ends its contract with Israel.

Google defended its actions, stating that all terminated employees were involved in disruptive activities. They denied firing workers who did not participate in the protest.

The protest was against Google’s involvement in Project Nimbus, a cloud-computing project with the Israeli government, valued at $1.2 billion. Some employees expressed concerns about the technology potentially being used for military purposes.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the issue, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a respectful workplace and avoiding disruptive behavior.

The termination of employees sparked controversy, with some critics accusing Google of silencing dissent and prioritizing profit over ethics.

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