Papua New Guinea’s Leader Condemns Biden For ‘Cannibals’ Accusation

( – President Joe Biden‘s recent comments suggesting his uncle may have been consumed by cannibals during World War II have stirred tensions in Papua New Guinea, drawing a sharp response from the country’s Prime Minister James Marape.

The remarks, made during a visit to a war memorial in Pennsylvania, implied that Biden’s uncle, Ambrose Finnegan, might not have been recovered after his plane crashed near New Guinea due to the presence of cannibals in the region.

Marape, in a statement, acknowledged that Biden’s comments may have been inadvertent but firmly rejected the association of cannibalism with Papua New Guinea. He emphasized that while the country has historical ties to cannibalism among remote tribes, it is unfair to stereotype the nation based on its past.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the significant sacrifices made by Papua New Guineans during World War II, calling on the United States to assist in locating the remains of soldiers who perished during the conflict. He urged Biden to address the issue and ensure that the truth about missing servicemen like Ambrose Finnegan is uncovered.

The remarks by Biden have sparked criticism and concern within Papua New Guinea, with many expressing dismay at the portrayal of their country. Foreign Minister Justin Tkatchenko warned that such remarks could strain bilateral relations and called them uninformed.

The United States Embassy in Papua New Guinea responded to the controversy, affirming respect for the country’s people and culture and reaffirming commitment to locating and recovering remains of WWII soldiers in the region.

Biden’s comments have raised questions about the accuracy of his account, as they diverge from the official report by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency regarding Finnegan’s plane crash.

According to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Finnegan’s plane, an A-20 Havoc en route to New Guinea on a courier mission, was compelled to make an emergency landing in the ocean near the island’s coast due to unspecified circumstances.

This incident comes almost a year after Biden canceled a planned visit to Papua New Guinea, adding to the strain in relations between the two countries.

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