Trump Leads Biden In Poll Of Voters 35 and Under

( – Remember back in 2020 when Gallup asked if the economy worried young adults, and only 11 percent of those 18-29 said yes, along with 18 percent of those aged 30-49? Times have changed drastically. Now, nearly half of those aged 18-29 and 43 percent of those aged 30-49 list the economy as a top concern. Bloomberg reports Trump leading Biden by 47% to 40% among voters aged 18-34 in swing states, according to a March Bloomberg poll. Last cycle, Biden won 61% of voters under 30.

Media narratives suggest Biden’s Israel stance repels young voters, but doubts linger. Biden’s backing for Israel seems lukewarm at best, whereas Trump is a staunch advocate. Economic worries make more sense. Young people strive to kickstart their lives, challenging in Biden’s America. Inflation, soaring energy prices, housing shortages, high mortgage rates, and a flood of illegal immigrants squeezing job markets and inflating living costs hinder youth aspirations.

The pandemic disrupted young adults’ economic footing, affecting job prospects and housing availability. Covid’s economic impact disproportionately struck them, exacerbating affordability challenges for essentials like gas, housing, and healthcare due to limited financial reserves.

Biden’s profligate spending and anti-energy policies fueled inflation and increased living costs. Biden’s open border policy flooded job markets with unvetted immigrants, further straining opportunities for young Americans.

Mandatory high school finance programs could aid young people in grasping everyday economics, preventing financial pitfalls. Yet, public schools avoid such education, fearing competent adults may emerge.

Trump leads Biden in six competitive states, hinting at electoral realignment. Biden’s dwindling youth support contrasts Trump’s resurgence, potentially reshaping November’s coalitions.

Polls reveal Trump’s gains among Black and Latino voters while Biden retains support among white voters, especially younger Blacks and older adults. Trump’s appeal to young men and Biden’s continued hold on young women further diversifies electoral dynamics.

The upcoming months will unravel more about these shifts, offering insights into evolving political alliances. Post-election analyses will clarify whether these changes are genuine or mere polling anomalies, shaping future political strategies.

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