NPR Hires 0 Republican Senior Editors In DC

( – So, National Public Radio (NPR) is under the microscope again. Seems they’ve got a bit of a left-leaning tilt, with a whopping 87 Democrats holding editorial positions in their DC office and not a single Republican in sight. Uri Berliner, a senior editor at NPR who leans left himself, isn’t too pleased about it.

In a recent piece, Berliner didn’t mince words. He called out NPR for having what he sees as a diversity problem. Despite presenting itself as unbiased, he feels the newsroom is more left-leaning than a yoga class in Berkeley.

Berliner’s been raising red flags about this for a while now. He’s been shooting off emails left and right, trying to get someone to listen. But it seems like his concerns fell on deaf ears.

He even brought it up at a big staff meeting last year, thinking it would spark some action. But instead of getting fired up, his colleagues just shrugged it off. Not exactly the response he was hoping for.

Berliner’s not alone in his critique. Others have chimed in, saying NPR’s leftward lean isn’t a good look for a network that claims to represent all Americans.

Former NPR vice president for news and ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin released a statement on X (formerly Twitter), stating that he personally knows Uri and can verify his sentiments as truthful.

It’s not just about politics either. Berliner thinks this bias could be hurting NPR’s bottom line. With more and more listeners identifying as left-leaning, he worries NPR’s alienating a big chunk of its audience.

On a whole, NPR’s listenership has declined since the start of the pandemic, and their Republican database has drastically reduced more specifically.

But NPR’s not taking this lying down. They’re doubling down on their commitment to diversity, both in their staff and their programming. They say they want to serve all Americans, no matter their political stripe.

Only time will tell if NPR can strike the right balance. But for now, it looks like they’ve got some soul-searching to do.

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