Trump Enters World’s Wealthiest 500 After Closing $6.4B Deal

( – Donald Trump has hit the jackpot in the financial world, landing a spot among the globe’s richest folks after sealing a massive $6.4 billion deal for his social media venture, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). He’s taken a rocket straight to the top with this media empire.

The merger, finalized on April 1, was a game-changer for Trump. The new company’s shares will start trading on the Nasdaq under the catchy ticker symbol DJT. With Trump owning over 60% of TMTG, he’s set to cash in big time, potentially pocketing $3 billion.

Due to trading regulations, there’s a six-month lock-up period, so shares can’t be sold or used to sweeten any deals.

Despite these restrictions, Trump’s financial leapfrogging has earned him a golden ticket onto Bloomberg’s elite list of the 500 richest people worldwide. Rubbing elbows with the big shots, like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Trump’s legal battles are heating up, with hefty fines looming over him from separate legal showdowns. Will ticker DJT ever be seized by the courts for all the debt they say he owes? Well, the courts are still deciding when and what to collect.

In New York, he’s facing a civil fraud judgment and needs to pony up a hefty bond within a tight deadline. It’s like having to pay a parking ticket, but for millions. Either way, the court plans on collecting and tacking on more fines.

President Joe Biden poked fun at Trump’s financial woes, cracking a joke about it at a recent campaign fundraiser. President Biden should probably concentrate on his own presidency, considering the late night show SNL just torched him over the Baltimore bridge collapse. The segment ‘Weekend Update’ joked that Biden will not be “connecting” with black communities just like the bridge.

Will Trump come out on top, or will his luck run out? Will this win be considered property and seized? Only time will tell in this high-stakes game of financial poker Trump is currently playing.

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