Mom Charged After Gun Is Found In Her 2-Year-Old’s Lunchbox

( – A mom from Florida got herself in a pickle after her kid’s daycare found a gun stashed inside her toddler’s lunchbox.

Shanae Davis, 39, is facing charges after a teacher at Jackson’s Daycare Center in Riviera Beach found a 9mm Glock 43 handgun in the toddler’s lunchbox.

When the teachers spotted the gun, it set off alarm bells. One parent, Stephenne Warembourg, stated that it was a scary event knowing her children were around a weapon and wondering if they were going to be safe.

Davis confessed that the gun was hers and that it’s usually tucked away in her car’s glove box but had been taking it inside her apartment lately because of some break-ins in the area.

One night, Davis decided to stash the gun in her son’s lunchbox so she could bring it indoors. She didn’t want the neighbors or anyone in the area to know she had a gun so as to not raise alarm. She said that she forgot to take it out the next day.

When the gun was found inside of the child’s lunchbox, the daycare called the cops, and they swooped in quickly. Davis was put into handcuffs but was soon out on bail, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s records.

Mike Jachels, the West Palm Beach Police spokesman, made a statement reminding everyone how vital it is to handle firearms with care. Being forgetful like this could’ve ended in a real tragedy.

The daycare owner decided not to press charges, but the state prosecutor’s office felt differently, and Davis might be facing legal troubles.

While it’s understandable that a woman, especially alone with her child, walking from the car to the apartment, would want to carry a firearm in a neighborhood that has become prone to break-ins, the state prosecutor’s office aims to take it a step further. They seek to implement different protocols to prevent this type of forgetfulness from leading to potentially dangerous situations in the future.

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