US Ambassador Warns Putin Won’t Stop with Ukraine

( – Jane Hartley, the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, issued a strong warning, stating that if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, it won’t stop there. Hartley, who served as ambassador to France and Monaco in 2014, witnessed the events in Crimea and emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine to safeguard democracy.

She expressed optimism about President Joe Biden securing funding for Ukraine, despite opposition from some factions within the Republican Party. Hartley stressed the need to ensure Ukraine remains a strong democracy and that Russia is defeated in the war.

French President Emmanuel Macron echoed similar sentiments, stating that there can be no lasting peace without the return of Crimea to Ukraine. He compared Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions to those of Adolf Hitler, warning against appeasement and emphasizing the need for strong measures to prevent Russian expansionism.

In 1938, Hitler took control of a portion of Czechoslovakia, leading to the start of World War II. Similarly, Putin has been in conflict with Ukraine since 2014, starting with the illegal takeover of Crimea and escalating to a full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory in 2022.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda also warned against underestimating the threat posed by Putin, emphasizing the need for Western allies to supply weapons and equipment to Ukraine and increase defense spending. He supported Macron’s suggestion of not ruling out Western troops on the ground in Ukraine and called for a proactive approach to countering Russian aggression.

Meanwhile, Warsaw’s mayor announced plans to allocate funds for building bomb shelters and enhancing security measures, highlighting the growing concern over Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. Nausėda urged leaders to take the threat seriously and called for collective action to address Russian expansionism.

In response to these developments, the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Strategy aims to strengthen the EU’s defense capabilities, while the European Investment Bank may expand its mandate to support defense manufacturers. The focus remains on bolstering Ukraine’s defenses and deterring further Russian aggression in the region.

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