Michigan Attorney Arrested Over Dominion Documents

(PatriotNews.net) – An attorney finds herself in hot water after getting arrested for unlawfully accessing voting machines in Michigan post the 2020 elections. Stefanie Lambert, the attorney in question, landed in cuffs after a hearing concerning her mishandling of confidential emails from Dominion Voting Systems. These emails, a source of conspiracy theories surrounding former President Donald Trump’s electoral defeat, were obtained while representing Patrick Byrne, a financier of election conspiracy theorists.

U.S. Marshals swooped in on Lambert after a hearing in Washington, D.C., where she was facing possible sanctions for sharing the Dominion emails. They arrested her for “local charges”. Lambert’s legal troubles didn’t end there. Michigan authorities had already issued a bench warrant against her for skipping a hearing related to her case. She faces four felony charges for meddling with voting machines in pursuit of Trump-related conspiracy evidence.

Earlier on the same day, Lambert admitted to forwarding Dominion records to law enforcement. She appended an affidavit, containing leaked emails, signed by Dar Leaf, a county sheriff known for probing claims of election fraud in Michigan. The documents, further circulated on social media, triggered outrage and threats against Dominion.

Dominion moved to have Lambert disqualified from the Byrne case, citing her blatant disregard for court orders. The company labeled her actions as not only unethical but also endangering Dominion employees. Lambert’s fate now hangs in the balance as the court deliberates on possible sanctions against her.

Regardless of the NDA, she did have a duty to report the fraud to law enforcement since it is a crime in this country. If Lambert chose not to report the election fraud, it might have delayed or hindered the investigation into the alleged crime. Public interest in disclosing the information outweighs her contractual obligations under the NDA.

Dominion’s legal battle against election deniers, including Byrne, MyPillow’s Mike Lindell, and attorney Sidney Powell, underscores the intensity of post-election fallout. Last year, Fox News resolved the most notable case by agreeing to a settlement of $787 million. These lawsuits reflect a concerted effort to combat the spread of misinformation surrounding Trump’s electoral defeat.

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