Trump Says He’d Consider Deporting Prince Harry

( – In February, Prince Harry showed interest in becoming a US citizen and the former president had some heated words.

Former President Donald Trump caused a stir by implying that Prince Harry might be deported from the United States if it’s revealed that he provided false information about his drug usage on his visa application. In an interview with Nigel Farage on British GB News, Trump hinted that if he wins the presidency again, he might take action against the Duke of Sussex. Trump emphasized that Harry should not receive any special treatment regarding his visa application.

The Duke’s visa status has attracted attention after the Heritage Foundation sued the Department of Homeland Security to access his immigration records. Under U.S. law, applicants must disclose any history of drug use, which could lead to denial of their visa application. Harry admitted to using drugs in his memoir, “Spare,” but it remains uncertain if he disclosed this information when applying for his visa.

Other well-known individuals have encountered immigration challenges due to their history of drug use, such as Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona and the deceased British singer Amy Winehouse.

A federal judge decided that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must make Prince Harry’s visa papers available for examination, leading the DHS to ask for additional time to locate the documents. Additionally, Harry’s consideration of obtaining U.S. citizenship has raised questions about his royal titles, as U.S. immigration policy requires applicants with titles of nobility to renounce their position publicly.

During his interview with Farage, Trump also commented on Kate Middleton’s Photoshop controversy, King Charles’ battle with cancer, and criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their treatment of Queen Elizabeth. The prospect of Prince Harry facing deportation adds to the ongoing saga surrounding the Sussexes’ transition away from their royal duties and their new life in California.

As the immigration saga unfolds, it remains to be seen how Prince Harry will navigate his visa status and potential citizenship, especially amid the scrutiny from conservative groups and public figures like Trump.

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