Stabbing Suspect Linked to Crimes in Multiple States

( – A stabbing suspect, 26-year-old Raad Almansoori, apprehended in Arizona after attacking a McDonald’s employee, is now linked to crimes in multiple states, including a murder in New York. Video surveillance captured the attack, where Almansoori, armed with a BB gun, stabbed a woman in a McDonald’s bathroom. Witnesses chased him, providing aid until police arrived.

Almansoori expressed intent to continue his crime spree in the Valley, but his arrest prevented it. Chief Benny Piña of the Surprise Police Department confirmed Almansoori’s admission to a New York homicide during questioning, instructing them to “Google the SoHo 54 hotel.”

Almansoori, accused of bludgeoning 38-year-old escort Denisse Oleas-Arancibia to death in a New York hotel on February 8th, is currently not arrested for the case, though investigators cite “probable cause.” A Manhattan DA prosecutor traveled to Maricopa County for Almansoori’s extradition, while NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny disclosed Almansoori’s claim of harming three additional girls in Florida. Aside from Florida, he also has a record in Texas. Between the two states, his arrests include kidnapping and sexual assault

Despite New York Police seeking extradition, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell intends to retain him in Arizona due to mandatory prison sentences and concerns about safety, criticizing Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s handling of violent criminals.

However, Bragg’s spokesperson, Emily Tuttle, accuses Mitchell of “playing political games” and emphasizes the focus on justice and accountability in New York. The Manhattan DA’s Office even shared a chart comparing homicide rates per 100,000 residents between Phoenix and New York City, highlighting Phoenix’s higher rate.

Rachel Mitchell responded to the Manhattan DA’s Office on X (formerly Twitter), stating that it’s her job to represent the victims she was elected to protect, but it’s wonderful to finally see the Manhattan DA of the violent crimes unit take notice.

The disagreement highlights the complexity of handling cross-jurisdictional cases and raises questions about the treatment of violent criminals in different regions.

Raad Almansoori is presently held without bond in Arizona. Detectives from the Surprise Police Department urge anyone with information to contact them at 623-222-4000.

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