Russia Warns German Attack on Bridge is Direct Involvement

( – The leaked German military discussion on targeting the Crimean Bridge has stirred tensions, with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov framing it as fresh evidence of Western hostility toward Russia. He contends that the recording is a clear admission of Western involvement in the Ukraine conflict. The conversation, made public by RT, features German military officials contemplating supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine discreetly.

For an extended period, Kyiv has been urging Germany to supply Taurus missiles, known for their capacity to reach targets up to 500 km away. Additionally, the talks involved the utilization of long-range missiles furnished to Kyiv by France and Britain, along with the training of Ukrainian soldiers. As the conflict in Ukraine progresses into its third year, Kyiv has heightened its requests for enhanced military support from its allies. On the front lines, Ukrainian soldiers are facing challenges of being both outgunned and outnumbered, with noticeable shortages in ammunition.

Speaking to reporters, Peskov underscores the significance of the leaked audio, asserting that it reveals substantive discussions within the Bundeswehr about launching strikes on Russian territory. Moscow has registered its protest by summoning the German ambassador, and Peskov expresses eagerness for the results of Germany’s investigation. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius counters by accusing Russia of waging an “information war” to undermine Western unity.

The Kremlin consistently rejects claims of disseminating inaccurate or deceptive information, especially when accused by other nations.

The leaked audio complicates Germany’s position on delivering Taurus missiles to Ukraine, a move that Chancellor Scholz had been cautious about, fearing an escalation of this ongoing conflict. Germany is now scrambling to investigate the apparent breach of confidentiality. Meanwhile, Peskov warns that any military actions during this sensitive period could escalate the conflict, emphasizing the potential consequences of a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

This situation highlights the delicate nature of geopolitical relations and the risks associated with military maneuvers, adding to the already heightened tensions in the region.

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