Parents Blame Bullying for 10-Year-Old Indiana Boy’s Suicide

( – A tragic story has emerged from Greenfield, Indiana, where a 10-year-old boy named Sammy Teusch took his own life. His family says severe bullying at Greenfield Intermediate School played a major role in his death.

Sammy’s father, Sam Teusch, expressed his anguish, questioning why this happened. Sammy experienced both emotional and physical bullying, including incidents on the school bus and being cornered in a school bathroom.

The family has described Sammy as an intelligent, funny, and empathetic child who brought joy to everyone he met.

The exact circumstances of Sammy’s death are still unclear. The Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation and the Greenfield Police Department are investigating. Sammy had been a student in the district for a year and a half. The district has also brought in mental health professionals to support students and families in the wake of this tragedy.

The investigation has revealed that Sammy’s parents had been in frequent contact with the school about the bullying. Despite these efforts, the bullying persisted. The day before Sammy’s death, he received threats that he would be attacked at school.

Other parents have also shared their concerns about bullying in the school district. The Olson family, for instance, discovered their 11-year-old son Braylon had considered taking his own life due to bullying about his weight and speech impediment. Despite the family’s efforts to support him with therapy and medication, the bullying continues.

Justin Henderson, whose son Josh was Sammy’s best friend, has also spoken out. Josh has faced bullying that included being called derogatory names and experiencing physical injuries. Despite providing the school with names of the bullies, Henderson says no action has been taken.

Greenfield-Central Community Schools and the Greenfield Police Department have stated they are investigating Sammy’s death. Deputy Chief Charles McMichael emphasized the importance of parents talking to their children about their daily lives to make them more comfortable discussing difficult issues.

Sam Teusch described the pain of losing his son, recounting how he found Sammy unresponsive and tried to revive him. He hopes that sharing Sammy’s story will help prevent other families from experiencing similar heartbreak.

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