NY Councilwoman Takes Aim at Ridiculous Property Laws

(PatriotNews.net) – A Republican member of the New York City Council, Vickie Paladino, expressed her frustration over a law that allows squatters to claim ownership of an empty building after just 30 days. Paladino plans to introduce legislation to extend this period, as she believes property owners currently have minimal rights under the existing laws.

Paladino’s anger stems from the case of Adele Andaloro, who inherited her family’s home in Flushing but found herself locked out by squatters who took over the property. According to New York state law, squatters gain temporary tenant rights after 30 days of occupancy, which Paladino considers absurd.

She highlighted the exploitative behavior of squatters, mentioning how some even rented out parts of the property they were occupying. Paladino emphasized that this situation is unacceptable and called for bipartisan support to amend the law.

Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz is among those supporting the effort to change the law, particularly in light of recent incidents involving squatters. One such incident resulted in the tragic death of Nadia Vitel, who was allegedly killed by squatters in her deceased mother’s Manhattan apartment.

Paladino emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue, especially given its potential impact on homeowners across the city. She encouraged residents to hold accountable the city council members who voted for laws detrimental to homeowners’ rights.

Furthermore, Paladino criticized the newly passed Local Law 18, which prohibits homeowners from renting out parts of their homes for short-term rentals. Rental income offsets the city’s high living costs. She argued that this law disproportionately affects homeowners, particularly those from Brooklyn.

In response to these concerns, the city council passed a bill requiring companies like Airbnb to register with the city. While this move aims to regulate short-term rentals, critics like Paladino worry about its impact on homeowners and the city’s tourism industry.

Despite these challenges, Paladino remains determined to fight for homeowners’ rights and hold elected officials accountable for their actions. She urged residents to stay informed and engaged in local politics to ensure their voices are heard.

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