Man Murders Girlfriend; Family Helps

( – A tragic story unfolded in Georgia when Michale Edwards, 23, was accused of murdering his girlfriend, Briana Winston, after she discovered he had secretly married another woman. The incident allegedly took place on March 17 in Winston’s apartment in College Park. Clayton County police revealed more disturbing details during a press conference.

Briana Winston confronted Edwards about his secret marriage. The argument turned fatal. Investigators say Edwards strangled her and then put her body in a suitcase. He drove to Gates, Tennessee, where he enlisted help to burn the body. The friend, granted immunity for cooperating, revealed that they disposed of Winston’s remains in two locations.

Edwards, already facing an aggravated stalking charge, was arrested on April 8. While in jail, he allegedly involved his wife and other family members in covering up the crime. Lieutenant Ashanti Marbury stated that Edwards instructed his wife, Brieanna Phillips-Edwards, to burn the gloves and shoes he wore when he disposed of Winston’s body.

Phillips-Edwards faces several charges, including being a party to the commission of a crime. Edwards’ brother, Keilan Wright, and mother, Ebony Anderson, also face conspiracy charges. They helped destroy evidence after Winston’s body was burned.

Winston was reported missing on April 1. Family members grew concerned when she stopped showing up for work and found her apartment completely empty, with a strong smell of bleach lingering. By April 26, the police concluded that Winston was dead, based on the evidence collected.

Winston’s family attended the press conference but chose not to speak on camera. However, they expressed their gratitude for knowing what happened. Ann Thomas, Winston’s grandmother, described her as a sweet and loving person who adored her four-year-old child. The family’s grief was evident, with cousin Jasmine Walker sharing her heartbreak over the loss and her determination to see justice served.

The gruesome details of the case have shocked the community. The involvement of multiple family members in the cover-up adds a layer of complexity and horror to the tragedy. Edwards now faces several charges, alongside his wife, brother, and mother, as the justice system works to bring closure to Winston’s grieving family.

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