Letitia James Under Pressure to Prosecute Jon Stewart

(PatriotNews.net) – Letitia James is getting some serious heat to go after Jon Stewart, of all people. Apparently, he’s in the hot seat for the same thing James is going after Trump for.

Stewart got himself into a pickle when it came out that he inflated the value of his Manhattan home by a disproportionate 800 percent back in 2014. This bombshell dropped right after Stewart went on his show, The Daily Show, calling out Trump for doing the same thing with his properties.

Rep. Collins and radio host Andrew Wilkow are challenging James if she will give an equal application of the law to Trump and Stewart alike. They both have made public statements urging James to hold them both at the same level of accountability.

Meanwhile, Stewart’s hitting back on social media, making satirical remarks that he should start a fraudulent college and get into other nefarious deeds “like Trump ” so people will love him too. Claiming that patriots blindly love Trump despite his legal battles.

In the meantime, Trump continues to assert that the legal proceedings against him are politically motivated, maintaining his innocence. James, meanwhile, celebrated a recent legal victory against Trump on social media, emphasizing the principle of justice being upheld.

Homeowners generally have the discretion to set the selling price for their properties as they see fit, within the bounds of market demand. However, it’s crucial to distinguish Stewart’s situation from the allegations leveled against Trump. Stewart’s sale of his property for a substantial sum of money doesn’t inherently equate to the fraudulent activities James has accused Trump of committing. Unlike Trump, Stewart wasn’t accused of manipulating property values to secure more favorable loan terms, as per James’s allegations.

With Stewart now thrust into the spotlight alongside Trump, the situation has taken on a new layer of complexity. Yet, in the realm of entertainment and politics, such twists and turns are all part of the show.

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