Globalists Suspected of Creating AI-Powered Control Grid

( – Suspicions arise concerning the actions of globalists who might be constructing an AI-driven system to control people and what they express online, as recent events in Canada and the U.S. unfold. These incidents should not be seen in isolation; they point to a larger trend.

Rebel News journalist David Menzies was arrested while attempting to cover a Pro-Hamas rally in Toronto on March 15. Rebel News claims that the arrest occurred shortly after Menzies filed a lawsuit against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for alleged intimidation and exclusion tactics following instances of police brutality against him. The arrest appeared to disregard civil liberties, as Menzies was reportedly abiding by the law and providing identification as requested, all of which was captured on camera.

In the U.S., similar incidents have occurred, with journalists like Steve Baker from Blaze Media and Owen Shroyer from Infowars being arrested for their coverage of events. There’s a growing concern that real journalists, who question authority, are being targeted for silencing. This suppression seems to be part of a broader agenda by globalist entities to control narratives and limit freedom.

There are plans in the US, UK and Europe with the Online Safety Act to implement “upload filtering” systems, which are algorithmic tools aimed at blocking specific content from being uploaded. They encourage social media platforms to employ AI for censoring content at the point of origin.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations have outlined plans to combat “disinformation,” which may involve restricting journalistic freedoms. The WEF, under Klaus Schwab’s leadership, has significant influence over various governments and aims to implement digital surveillance technologies and public-private partnerships. Additionally, governments are exploring ways to exert control over citizens’ finances, such as through Canada’s proposed “open banking framework,” which threatens personal financial freedom.

Ultimately, the convergence of AI technology and authoritarian agendas poses a significant threat to fundamental rights and freedoms. It’s essential for society to remain vigilant and resist attempts to erode democratic principles in favor of centralized control.

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