Ex-CIA Official Accuses Agency of Whistleblower Retaliation

(PatriotNews.net) – In a recent development, a female employee at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who reported a sexual assault incident has been terminated by the agency. The woman accused the CIA of discouraging her from filing a criminal complaint about the incident. According to her attorney, Kevin Carroll, the termination is a clear case of retaliation against an employee who is engaging as a whistleblower. The case has sparked additional allegations, with at least two dozen individuals coming forward, claiming they were also assaulted within the agency. The situation has prompted an inquiry from the CIA Office of Inspector General.

The woman’s employment history at the CIA indicates that she failed the agency’s clandestine officer training program. Typically, individuals who do not pass are allowed to apply for other positions within the agency. In this case, the woman applied for another job but was not selected and subsequently terminated on Monday.

The CIA asserts that the woman’s failure in the training program was due to poor writing skills. Carroll, who communicated with his client for months, contradicts this claim, asserting that she is an excellent writer. The disagreement over the assessment raises questions about the agency’s decision.

The terminated employee’s case had led to the conviction of Ashkan Bayatpour, whom she accused of assaulting her. Bayatpour was convicted of a state misdemeanor charge of assault and battery in Virginia last year. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the termination is ongoing.

This incident comes amid increased scrutiny of the CIA’s handling of sexual assault and misconduct complaints, with critics alleging a culture that demonizes victims for reporting abuses. The terminated employee has also filed a federal lawsuit alleging retaliation by the CIA for reporting her sexual assault claim and providing testimony in a closed-door congressional hearing. Settlement negotiations are reportedly underway for the lawsuit.

The CIA, facing calls for reform, emphasizes its commitment to handling sexual assault and misconduct allegations appropriately. The agency claims to have implemented reforms to improve the reporting process, awareness, and accountability for such incidents within its ranks.

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