Dinero: “Trump Supporters Filled With Anger & Hate”

(PatriotNews.net) – Robert De Niro had some choice words about former President Donald Trump and his supporters during his appearance on ABC’s “The View.” The actor didn’t hold back, saying Trump and his supporters are full of rage and hate.

Host Sunny Hostin asked De Niro about his past comments on Trump and what he thinks about Trump leading in the polls. De Niro responded with frustration, wondering why people aren’t taking Trump seriously. He drew comparisons to historical figures like Hitler and Mussolini, who were initially dismissed as fools and clowns.

De Niro expressed disbelief at the idea that Trump’s supporters think their lives will improve under another Trump term. He said they just want to mess with the rest of the country. He described Trump as hateful, mean-spirited, and vicious, wondering why anyone would doubt Trump’s intentions based on his past actions.

De Niro mentioned his infamous comment about wanting to punch Trump in the face. He explained it was in response to Trump saying he wanted to punch a bystander at one of his rallies. De Niro found such behavior unacceptable from a leader.

According to De Niro, Trump’s slogan should be similar to f— this country, because he wants to f— America. This prompted co-host Whoopi Goldberg to add that if Trump becomes president again, he won’t leave office until he dies. De Niro agreed, predicting civil strife if Trump were to win another term. He described Trump’s vision for the world as chaotic and crazy.

Producers had to mute several of De Niro’s comments during the live broadcast due to his strong language. He was on the show to promote his new movie “Ezra,” but the conversation quickly turned political.

De Niro’s comments sparked reactions from both sides. Some agreed with his harsh critique of Trump, while others saw it as another example of Hollywood’s political bias. Either way, De Niro’s appearance on “The View” made headlines and stirred up plenty of conversation about the upcoming election and Trump’s impact on the country.

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