De Niro’s Chaotic Biden Campaign Event Mocked on Social Media

( – Robert De Niro headlined a chaotic press conference for the Biden campaign outside the Manhattan courthouse where former President Trump’s trial is happening. De Niro, starring in a new ad campaign for President Biden, portrayed himself as a true New Yorker and mocked Trump’s business ventures. The ad claims Trump aims to destroy the city, the nation, and potentially the world.

The event, disrupted by hecklers and a car alarm, drew comparisons to the HBO show “Veep.” Republican strategist Matt Whitlock mocked the event on X, comparing De Niro’s appearance to an episode of the satirical show.

As De Niro left the podium, Trump supporters heckled him. A shouting match ensued between De Niro and a man in a MAGA hat, who called him a “washed-up” actor.

Many commentators on the right ridiculed the Biden campaign event as a joke. GOP strategist Greg Price found the scene “absolutely hilarious.” He noted the press conference, meant to show Biden’s detachment from Trump’s prosecution, was held outside the NYC courtroom with a media advisory date mistake. Press secretary Karoline Leavitt called their event a concession that the trial is a political witch hunt.

Price remarked that Trump supporters drowned out the event with chants of “FJB”. Juanita Broaddrick added that De Niro’s TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has taken over his brain, suggesting he move to Italy after November. Collin Rugg of Trending Politics claimed De Niro convinced no one to vote for Biden.

A top Biden adviser mentioned that De Niro’s presence was not about the trial, but rather to leverage the media attention on the legal proceedings. Trump advisers argued that the Biden team’s presence validated Trump’s claims of politically motivated prosecutions.

Inside the courthouse, closing arguments were underway. This is the only Trump trial likely to surface before the November election, with other cases related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Washington and Georgia, as well as accusations of retaining classified documents. Trump has pleaded not guilty in those cases.

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