Cuomo Takes Aim at Feds Over Migrant Crisis

( – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed the federal government for what he called the “worst government blunder” concerning the ongoing migrant crisis in the state. Cuomo addressed congregants at the Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the Bronx, touching on various issues faced by local residents.

Reflecting on the current state of politics in the country, Cuomo criticized the division and corruption in today’s political landscape. He highlighted the polarization between the far left and far right, emphasizing the challenges of achieving bipartisan cooperation.

Transitioning to New York’s migrant problem, Cuomo labeled it as the worst blunder he has witnessed in his lifetime. He attributed the issue to the federal government’s leadership, particularly regarding the influx of migrants.

Cuomo questioned the decision-making behind directing migrants solely to New York City, emphasizing the strain it puts on the city’s resources. He criticized the political motivations behind this choice, arguing that it places an undue burden on New York City while sparing other regions of the state.

With over 100,000 migrants in New York City, Cuomo underscored the city’s responsibilities in providing housing, education, and medical care. He lamented the lack of federal assistance, likening the situation to a restaurant bill where no one wants to foot the tab.

Cuomo warned of the unsustainable nature of the situation, pointing to the city’s already high taxes, upcoming congestion tolls, and persistent issues with crime and homelessness. He expressed concern that the migrant crisis could drive more people to leave the state and city.

Despite his criticisms, Cuomo emphasized the importance of showing compassion towards migrants, advocating for their dignity and respect. He called for humane treatment, decrying the housing conditions at remote locations like Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennet Field.

Cuomo’s speech at the church received positive feedback from congregants, many of whom expressed support for his return to office. They praised his advocacy on various issues, including the migrant crisis, and voiced their belief in his leadership capabilities.

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