Cohen Claims Trump’s Legal Fees Mean He’s Now for Sale

( – Michael Cohen, once Trump’s go-to lawyer, now a vocal critic of the former president, raised a red flag on potential risks tied to Trump’s mounting legal fees and financial entanglements. Cohen urged caution about the idea of Trump returning to the presidency, claiming he’s up for grabs. Following Trump’s recent legal setback, being held liable for around $355 million in a civil fraud case, Cohen emphasized the need to scrutinize Trump’s ability to raise over $500 million promptly. Cohen expressed concerns that Trump, facing substantial financial challenges, could be susceptible to outside influence, suggesting he’s “thoroughly compromised” and open to the highest bidder, possibly from entities like the Saudis or Russians.

Sounds like hyperbole considering some of Trump’s 2016 campaign backers included Walt Disney Co ($5,005,823) and Renaissance Technologies ($15,511,600). Ultimately raising $957.6 million with no help from any foreign dignitaries. Also, a judgment debtor (whoever pays to the winning side after a case has been judged) can negotiate any amount they owe or have it dismissed entirely depending on the circumstances.

The recent court ruling in New York found Trump responsible for fraudulent business dealings, adding to his financial burdens. In a separate case, Trump was ordered to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll for defamation, marking the second time he was held liable in this matter. Cohen highlighted the looming danger, asserting that Trump’s character and mounting debts pose a threat, whether he’s in the White House or behind bars.

Cohen further speculated on a worst-case scenario, suggesting that Trump, if imprisoned, might resort to selling sensitive government information for personal gain. He expressed a deep-seated fear that Trump’s disregard for America and self-centered nature might lead him to trade valuable information for basic commodities. Cohen underscored the notion that Trump’s motivations are solely self-serving, stating unequivocally that he doesn’t care about anyone or anything except himself. John Bolton also emphasized that Trump’s vulnerability could be exploited by foreign autocrats. Cohen’s warning depicts a possibly compromised and unpredictable figure, prompting inquiries about the repercussions for both Trump and the nation.

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