Christie Claims Trump Would Be a National Security Risk

( – Chris Christie continues to criticize his former ally, Donald Trump. The former New Jersey governor, who suspended his 2024 presidential campaign, appeared on NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’ to discuss Trump’s recent comments on Vladimir Putin. Trump suggested allowing Russia to attack an allied country if they didn’t pay their fair share of military spending. Christie called these comments “absolutely inappropriate” for someone seeking the Oval Office.

Christie expressed concern about Trump’s potential administration, predicting that it would be chaotic. He highlighted the importance of competent individuals in government roles and criticized Trump’s handling of personnel during his first term.

Christie, who led Trump’s transition team in 2016, revealed that Trump didn’t expect to win and was intimidated by the presidency. He brought experienced people into the administration, but Christie believes a second Trump term would be chaotic. The former governor expressed doubt that Trump would seek competent individuals, anticipating a “vendetta presidency” targeting those he perceives as enemies.

Regarding his failed 2024 presidential bid, Christie admitted it was driven by preventing a second Trump term. Trump’s continued attacks on Christie, including mocking his weight, showcase the strained relationship. Christie emphasized the need for the party to rid itself of Trump, citing concerns about a lack of willingness among Republicans to address the issue.

In a recent interview, Christie warned of a potential “vendetta presidency” if Trump secures a second term, suggesting a chaotic and retaliatory administration. Despite Trump’s dominance in GOP polls, Christie remains critical, asserting that competent leadership is crucial for the country’s stability and success. The former governor expressed frustration with the party’s reluctance to confront the Trump issue, emphasizing the need for change in leadership.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Trump’s primary challenger, made it clear in January that she neither desired nor needed Chris Christie’s endorsement. Meanwhile, as Chris Christie prepared for a presidential bid in June 2023, his standing among Republicans remained historically low, prompting his withdrawal from the race in early 2024. Christie’s unpopularity within the party further underscored the challenges he faced in gaining widespread support.

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