AP Under Fire for Moreno Piece

(PatriotNews.net) – The Associated Press (AP) is under fire after its publication of an article attacking Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno on March 14. Parts of the story have completely fallen through since then and hold no weight.

Major criticism from lawyers, U.S. senators, and many other big league conservatives are underway. Many of them are questioning whether the AP has made itself vulnerable to litigation if Moreno decides to sue the newswire.

The AP published in two separate pieces that Morena had an email account with Adult Friend Finder in 2008. Before the story was even published, Moreno’s team reached out to the AP to confirm that the account was real, but was created by an intern at that time. The then-intern even signed an official statement for the AP to confirm that they did create the account and that it was done as a prank. The account showed 6 hours of usage. At the time, the intern had access to Moreno’s email account and checked Moreno’s email on a regular basis.

The AP used the term “geolocation data” in an attempt to prove the account was set up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Moreno’s parents were living at the time. This was an effort to further implicate the account’s association to Moreno instead of the intern.

Founder of Adult Friend Finder made a public statement on March 16 that the location associated with the accounts from 2008 were latitude and longitude coordinates from zip codes being reported by users. Thus, the accounts could have been set up practically anywhere in the globe, but it would always show the zip code the user entered.

The term “geolocation data” implies an IP address or other data being used by the adult site to track down the exact location of the computer or laptop being used. However, that claim is nullified since users could use whatever zip code they wanted.

The account lay dormant all these years and eventually labeled as closed by programmers, but nothing really gets deleted on the internet.

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