Cancellation Of NY Offshore Wind Projects Leads To Local Job Losses

( – Hundreds of potential jobs assembling offshore wind turbine components at the Port of Coeymans in New York have been scrapped. Initially, it was anticipated that about 870 well-paying positions would be available, focusing on assembling engines and blades made by GE Vernova and LM Wind Power. Unfortunately, plans for both offshore wind projects intending to use the site fell through, resulting in the loss of these employment opportunities.

However, despite these setbacks, executives at the Port of Coeymans remain optimistic about future expansion plans. The cancellation of the Attentive and Community Offshore wind projects off Long Island’s coast has become a recurring theme along the East Coast, underscoring the challenges faced by New York and the Biden administration in promoting coastal wind energy.

The latest cancellations involve the 1,314-megawatt Community Offshore project by RWE and the 1,404-megawatt Attentive project by Rise Power and Light and Total. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority confirmed the news, stating that no final awards would be granted, leaving the door open for future competitive solicitations.

Despite these setbacks, both the Port of Coeymans and GE Vernova remain committed to exploring opportunities for turbine and blade construction in Coeymans. Carver Companies’ Chief Operating Officer, Nick Laraway, emphasized the ongoing support for offshore wind projects like Sunrise Wind and Empire Wind, underscoring the Port’s importance in supplying essential materials.

The cancellation was attributed to a shift in plans by GE Vernova, opting to focus on producing 15.5-megawatt turbines rather than the newer 18-MW variant. Authorities at the port revealed that the expenses for constructing the factory had surged from initial projections of $350 million to $604 million. Presently, the location is primed for construction, but work has yet to commence owing to insufficient funds.

Despite these challenges, both Coeymans and Albany continue to be attractive locations for wind development due to accessibility to the Hudson River.

While the immediate future of offshore wind projects in New York may seem uncertain, industry experts like Fred Zalcman remain optimistic about future opportunities and the continued growth of the sector.

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