Trump Secures Massive Funding in 24 Hours Post-Verdict

( – Former President Donald Trump has raised over $50 million following a controversial guilty verdict in a New York trial. In just 24 hours after the verdict was given, his campaign pulled in $52.8 million through online fundraising, averaging over $2 million per hour.

A significant portion of these contributions came from new donors, indicating growing support for Trump. Campaign managers Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita criticized Biden and Democrats for politicizing the legal system, claiming Americans are fed up and ready to support Trump in the upcoming election.

Legal expert Elie Honig dismantled the case against Trump, arguing it was politically motivated. Honig pointed out flaws in the prosecution and highlighted the unprecedented nature of the charges. He noted the jury’s conviction doesn’t necessarily equate to justice, given the questionable basis of the case.

Despite the verdict, Trump’s campaign has experienced a financial boost. In May alone, his political operation reported a nine-figure haul, including a surge of donations right after the verdict. The total amount for May reached $141 million, nearly doubling the previous month’s fundraising.

This financial turnaround is significant for Trump, who has trailed behind Biden in fundraising. However, the stigma of the guilty verdict poses a challenge, especially in a rematch where voter opinions are deeply entrenched. Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha believes the felony conviction could hurt Trump more than the fundraising helps him.

Republican strategist Rob Godfrey emphasized the importance of how Trump’s campaign will use the funds to influence voter opinions. The influx of donations could provide a crucial boost as the campaign heads into the convention season and beyond.

Trump’s senior adviser Brian Hughes labeled the New York trial as politically motivated, suggesting that the guilty verdict has backfired on Biden and the Democrats. Although snap polls showed little change in voter preferences, Trump’s fundraising success is undeniable. His aides remain confident, stating that the real verdict will be delivered on November 5th.

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