Tapper Speaks Out on Gaza Cease Fire Announcement

(PatriotNews.net) – CNN’s Jake Tapper recently expressed his surprise at President Joe Biden dropping some major news on a possible Gaza cease-fire and hostage deal while indulging in an ice cream cone with Seth Meyers at an ice cream shop.

During The Lead With Jake Tapper that aired on February 26, Biden, responding to a reporter, spilled the beans that by the weekend or March 4 there will be a ceasefire agreement.

Tapper, introducing MJ Lee at the White House, stated that this is a huge announcement for the president to be giving at an ice cream shop.

Lee said negotiators are working to complete the deal before Ramadan to avoid Israel launching a ground invasion into Rafah in southern Gaza.

CNN reported that Hamas has eased some demands, bringing Gaza and Israel closer to an agreement that might stop the fighting and release a group of Israeli hostages.

The death toll in Gaza, reported by the Hamas-linked Health Ministry, is approaching 30,000, with Israel’s bombing campaign initiated after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack causing approximately 1,200 casualties.

Biden’s impromptu ice cream shop announcement triggered varied reactions, with some finding it inappropriate given the gravity of the situation. Critics, including political figures and activists, expressed frustration at Biden’s casual demeanor while hostages were still held in Gaza.

Even those critical of Biden’s support for the Israeli war in Gaza found fault with his tone-deaf approach, with some calling for more decisive action instead of enjoying ice cream.

Author and activist Peter Daou expressed strong disapproval on X, calling it disgraceful that Biden discusses a cease-fire while holding an ice cream cone, suggesting that it reflects a lack of importance placed on the matter. Daou urged Biden to set aside the ice cream and take immediate action to halt what he refers to as a genocide, emphasizing that such action could have been taken months ago.

In the midst of the political discussions, it’s hard to ignore Biden’s love for ice cream, a well-documented aspect of his personality, frequently indulging in his favorite Graeter’s chocolate chip flavor during campaign travels.

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