Stepmom Charged After 5-Year-Old Girl Found Dead

( – An Indiana woman is facing charges after her 5-year-old stepdaughter was discovered dead in a river, authorities reported.

Deonna Hollingsworth, 26, has been accused in connection with the child’s death. Hollingsworth is the child’s stepmother.

Officials in Knox County received a distress call around 2:40 p.m. on June 6th regarding a child who had been playing in the Wabash River at Kimmel Park in Vincennes, Indiana, before disappearing.

Following a Department of Natural Resources report, various agencies hurried to the scene and initiated a search for the girl utilizing boat, sonar, Vincennes Fire Department and Indiana Conservation Officers dive teams.

Around 7:15 p.m., officials announced that divers had located the girl’s body close to the park’s boat ramp.

As a result of the inquiry, 26-year-old Deonna Hollingsworth, of Vincennes, was apprehended and accused of neglecting a dependent. She had been drinking that day and gave various reports about what happened to different officers. She claimed that the five-year-old told her she was able to swim. The child’s biological mother told investigators that everyone was aware that she couldn’t swim.

Hollingsworth had a blood alcohol level of 0.19., which is considered sloppy drunk and can cause impaired judgment, euphoria, slowing down of motor skills, exaggerated emotions, nausea, and blackouts.

Officer Joe Haywood from the Department of Natural Resources believed there was sufficient evidence indicating that the child was under the mother’s supervision during the incident and was placed in a circumstance that jeopardized her safety or well-being.

Haywood expressed condolences to the family, emphasizing the importance of providing closure through recovery efforts.

Various agencies, including the Good Samaritan Emergency Medical Services, Knox County Sheriff’s Department, Vincennes City Police and other agencies assisted Indiana Conservation Officers.

Joseph Millspaugh, Knox County Coroner, stated in a press release that the findings of the autopsy are still pending, and there is an ongoing investigation into the events surrounding Mila’s death.

The incident remains under investigation.

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