Robert De Niro Loses Award Following Trump Rant

( – The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has decided to rescind an award intended for actor Robert De Niro. This decision came after De Niro’s public tirade about former President Donald Trump.

De Niro appeared at a Biden campaign press conference outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse, where Trump’s business records trial was taking place. During the event, De Niro angrily declared that the United States government would no longer exist on earth if Trump were reelected. He also berated Trump supporters, calling them “clowns” and “gangsters.”

Due to De Niro’s comments, the NAB expressed concern that his high-profile activities would overshadow the philanthropic work they wanted to highlight. A spokesperson for the NAB stated that their event is a proudly bipartisan one, celebrating the important work of local broadcasters and their partners. While they support free speech and civic engagement, they believed De Niro’s recent actions would detract from the focus on the service of the award winners. As a result, De Niro was no longer invited to attend the event.

The NAB Leadership Foundation’s Service to America Award was going to be given to De Niro at an event in Washington, D.C., on June 4, 2024. The award aimed to honor his charitable work and public service.

Former President Trump responded to De Niro’s rant with a statement. He criticized De Niro, claiming that the actor’s movies, artistry, and brand had significantly declined since he entered the political arena at President Biden’s request.

The NAB’s decision highlights the delicate balance between recognizing philanthropic efforts and maintaining a non-partisan stance at public events. De Niro, known for his strong criticism of Trump, didn’t seem too upset about the award being rescinded. He expressed his support for the NAB Leadership Foundation’s work and gratitude for their efforts, wishing them well in their continued endeavors.

Despite the controversy, De Niro remained vocal in his opposition to Trump. Following Trump’s conviction for concealing hush money payments to a porn star, De Niro remarked that justice had been served. Ironically, De Niro had to pay a former female employee $12 million for sexual harassment and emotional abuse late 2023.

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