Python Swallows Woman Whole

( – In a horrifying event in Indonesia, locals discovered a missing woman inside a gigantic python after cutting the snake open. Farida, 45, went missing Thursday night, and her body was discovered inside the python on Friday by her husband and villagers in Kalempang, South Sulawesi.

Farida’s husband noticed her belongings abandoned, raising his suspicions. The villagers then began searching the area and soon spotted a python with a notably large belly. They chose to cut open the snake, and right away, Farida’s head appeared. She was fully clothed inside the 16-foot-long python.

Her husband, Noni, expressed deep regret, wishing he had accompanied her that day. He believed the snake would not have attacked if he had been with her. He felt sorrow for the suffering she endured and the loss to their family.

Reticulated pythons, found in Indonesia, hold the title of the world’s longest snakes. While such incidents are rare, they are not unheard of in Indonesia. These massive snakes usually feed on rodents but can consume larger animals like pigs, civets, and even primates. The longest reticulated python ever recorded was 32 feet long and weighed 350 pounds.

The reticulated python attack on Farida marks at least the fifth person to be swallowed by a python in Indonesia since 2017. The reticulated python has a reputation for being aggressive and is known to squeeze its prey to death before swallowing it whole. They are widespread in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, where they occasionally attack humans.

Last year, a woman in Jambi province was killed and swallowed whole by a python. In 2018, a woman in Muna town was found dead inside a python. In 2017, a farmer in West Sulawesi was discovered being eaten alive by a python.

Farida’s tragic death is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by these giant snakes, especially in regions where they are native and widespread.

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