Mother Finds Daughter’s Remains in Woods

( – A heartbroken mother is pleading for help from the public to uncover what happened to her daughter after the young woman’s remains were found. The 20-year-old, Maury-Ange Faith Martinez from Alpharetta, Georgia, went missing, and her mother learned of her death on Mother’s Day, May 12th.

Martinez was last seen departing from Gwinnett County Jail around 2:20 p.m. on August 28, 2023. Cobb County Police determined her last known location was in unincorporated Cobb County. Her family reported her missing the same day, prompting an alert for the public to help locate her.

On January 5, 2024, skeletal remains were discovered in rural Chattanooga, Tennessee, about 100 miles from where Martinez was last seen. The Hamilton County Medical Examiner confirmed last month that the remains belonged to Martinez.

Anita Darling, Martinez’s mother, received the devastating news on Mother’s Day, May 12th. She is now begging anyone with information to come forward to help solve the mystery of her daughter’s death. Darling expressed her desperation, saying she wants to know what happened to her daughter, as it would provide some closure.

Martinez was a noticeable girl with an energetic and magnetic personality, said Darling. She urged anyone with information to step up, highlighting her daughter’s charisma and the impact she had on people.

Cobb County Police Sgt. Eric Smith explained that solving the case requires extensive coordination among various resources and information sharing. This tragedy has left a metro Atlanta mother “torn apart” after discovering her daughter’s remains in Tennessee.

Darling shared her last moments with Martinez, describing a day spent together on August 17, enjoying sushi and watching the Barbie movie. She recalled feeling uneasy when Martinez said she caught a ride with someone else instead of waiting for her. Martinez’s failure to respond to messages further alarmed her mother.

Martinez’s remains have been donated to the University of Tennessee for research. Her mother explained that police and medical examiners found her skeletal structure interesting for study, hoping it would help future cases.

Police are now seeking any information that might shed light on what happened. Darling urged anyone with even the smallest detail to contact investigators, hoping for some comfort for herself and her daughters.

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