More Than 5,000 Cops Injured in NYC

Police in Riot Gear Background

( – In the tumultuous environment of New York City, projections indicate that the number of police officers injured by suspects reached a staggering 5,400 in 2023, surpassing the 2022 figure of 4,724 by 20%. The first nine months of 2023 alone witnessed 4,077 officers injured, and projections estimate a year-end total of approximately 5,436. Patrick Hendry, President of the Police Benevolent Association, expressed concern, labeling the situation an “epidemic” with a record-breaking number of attacks on cops. He emphasized the urgency of consistent prosecution and detention for those assaulting officers, calling on New Yorkers to demand an end to the chaos.

Experts say it’s not just the migrants; it’s also protests, anti-cop talk, and soft-on-crime prosecutors. The numbers spiked in 2022, and in 2023 it got even worse. The NYPD has this data on injuries and these statistics should disturb any law respecting civilians. Things seem to be getting worse before they get better. In other chaotic news, cops are being attacked with machetes and being hit with cars. The situation’s intense, and the cops are taking a beating.

A week following the disturbing statistics, up to 14 migrants were captured on camera on January 27th, participating in a brutal assault on two police officers in Times Square, repeatedly kicking them in the head while on the ground. Out of the migrant gang suspects, only one was incarcerated, while four faced charges but were released without bail, thanks to Democrat-led reforms. This leniency led to a nationwide manhunt as most of the released suspects absconded. Subsequently, several reportedly left for California upon their release. All of the suspects were identified as asylum seekers.

Recent incidents, including the Times Square assault and other violent attacks on officers, highlight the dangerous environment law enforcement faces. With concerns growing over escalating violence and the need for stronger measures to address the root causes, the NYPD and police associations emphasize the crucial role of consistent prosecution and public demand for an end to the prevailing chaos.

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