Missing Firefighters from Discovered Dead in Mysterious Case

The bodies of two Georgia firefighters who had recently broken up were found in Tennessee on Sunday. They had been missing for over a week.

The Hinesville Police Department confirmed that Raegan Anderson, 25, and her ex-boyfriend, Chandler Kuhbander, 24, were found in Cocke County, Tennessee. They were discovered inside Anderson’s car, about 450 miles from their hometown.

Chandler’s mother, Jane Kuhbander, told Court TV last week that Raegan and Chandler had been together for over seven years before they broke up. She described their relationship as “toxic.”

Jane also said that Raegan had a hard time with the breakup and often threatened to hurt herself.

The day before Chandler disappeared, he had gone on a date with another woman. Raegan found his car and scratched it. She was arrested for this but later released on bail. Raegan thought she might lose her job at the fire department and shared these fears with Chandler.

On the day he went missing, Chandler went to work out at a gym in Savannah, Georgia. He planned to go to his younger sister’s birthday party afterward. Surveillance cameras showed Raegan driving around the gym’s parking lot while Chandler was inside.

When Chandler left the gym and walked to his car, his mother believes he got into Raegan’s car under pressure. After that, no one heard from him again.

Before their bodies were found, Jane told the network that Raegan had written a suicide note to Chandler the day before they vanished. She said Raegan was not in a good mental state.

Despite their breakup, Chandler tried to comfort Raegan, but sometimes he had to ask her to stop bothering him.

Days later, both were found dead. An autopsy will be done to find out how they died.

“Details about how they died and what happened before they were found are not available right now,” the police said.

Chandler’s sister wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook, struggling to say goodbye to her brother.

“It’s tearing me apart to think about not having you here,” she wrote. “We will honor you in every way possible. No one will ever forget who you are and how good of a person you were. I love you forever, bub.”