Meghan and Harry’s Charity Found Delinquent, Must Cease Fundraising

( – Meghan and Harry, the once royals now residing in California, hit a snag with their Archewell Foundation. The charity was told to halt money-related activities after slipping up on registration fees, as confirmed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

According to a letter from the attorney general, a delinquent listing means no bueno for soliciting or managing charitable funds. Consequences could even include suspension or cancellation of registration, the letter warned.

Archewell Foundation must now cough up late fees to California and provide reasons for the tardiness, reports claim.

This hiccup comes after a tough stretch for the duo’s woke charity. Records show a whopping $11 million plunge in donations last year. Additionally, their Spotify podcast deal hit a sour note, leading to their dismissal from the platform.

Things were so sour for the couple that they landed on the Hollywood Reporter’s list of entertainment’s worst for 2023 and even got lampooned by South Park.

Despite these setbacks, Meghan and Harry inked a new partnership with the GEANCO Foundation, focused on mental health support for Nigerian youth. This follows a recent trip to Nigeria, where Meghan co-hosted a “Women in Leadership” event.

During the visit, Meghan proclaimed Nigeria as “my country,” adding to her past assertion of being “43 per cent Nigerian” based on an ancestry test.

The couple’s departure from the Royal Family was marked by allegations of racism and discrimination. They accused unnamed royals of raising concerns about their son Archie’s skin color before he was born. Meghan even falsely claimed that Archie was denied the prince title due to racial bias.

In response to the Archewell Foundation’s hiccup, a spokesperson assured compliance with California’s charity laws. They stated that all payments were promptly made and paperwork filed correctly, with no wrongdoing.

Despite the tussle, the charity remains dedicated to its mission, as seen from its ongoing efforts and new collaborations, including the recent one with the GEANCO Foundation.

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